Классное видео - Arch Enemy Love (joick oneshot) for a contest :)

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Смотрим - okay guys this is for a contest so hopefully i win and this idea was given by iwritejick so go sub them :)Nicholas had walked in the school greeted by girls surrounding him.He smirked walking to his locker . "Ladys ladys calm down there's enough of Nicky to go around". He said with a smirk.The girls squealed going all crazy over him smiling at the fact he was stunning.And just like that Nicholas heard his name being called " Oh Nicholas!". A taller looking guy approached him with evil looking smirk on his face.Nicholas glared at him starring at the tall black hair boy that stood infrount of him." Hello Joseph". He said in a harsh tone of voice.Joesph smirked at all the girl around Nicholas. "Hello ladys what do u say to me walking u to your classes". The girls squealed nodding face.Nicholas glared pissed at him he slamed his locker walking to class.Joesph smirked knowing he pissed nick off. "Lets go ladys". He smiled at all them squealing and giggleing.He walked down the hall with the ladys looking back at where Nicholas once stood.He couldnt help but feel like today was gonna be different.Later Joesph and Nicholas was setting in class listening to the teacher rant on and on."Today i will asigh u a partner to work with on project together your partner will last for the rest of the school year". The older looking teacher pushed up on classes placeing people with each other. "Miley your with Cody". as she got further in the people Joesph and Nicholas realised their was getting less people before their names was called.Soon enough Nichoulas was called out. " Nicholas your partner will be with Joesph". Nicholas's eyes widen hugely as he stood up quick. "FUCK NO IM NOT PARTNERING WITH HIM!!". The teacher gasped glareing at him "Nicholas watch the langue and u will be with whoever i stick u with!". Joesph soon butted in. "Please Mrs.Cline put me with someone else!".The teacher sighed putting her hand to her head."No! end of story!". The teacher said strictly. "Now both of u take a seat and work on your project of a great company u guys come up with!". And with that Joesph was left with each other. Nicholas groaned throwing his head back in his seat.Joesph glared at Nicholas. "Your doing all the work!" Nicholas sighed and started working on the project alone.He had no longer the want to argue with Joesph.After school Nicholas was standing by his locker when Joesph came up with some girls. "Nicholas!". He said codly. Nicholas turned around glareing. " What!". Nicholas said harshly. Joesph rolled his eyes at him. " You come to my house for the project."Joesph said painly walking off.Nicholas sighed walking out the school building and out to his car where girls was surrounding it.He smirked walking up to his car." Hellooooo ladys! " They squealed at him running up to him."Nick please go out with me!". A girl said with a hopeful look plastered on her face. Nicholas looked toward her with his breathe taking smile. "Of course i will".She squealed running off to tell her friends. Nick hopped in his car driveing off.He sighed knowing he had to go to joes.When nick finnally made it he grabed his books from the back seat.He walked on the nicely done white porch that had flower pots hanging off the top of the porch and chairs with a small table in between. He smiled at its beauty knocking on the door with a sigh on his face.A middle age woman anwsered with a smile. "Hello you must be Nicholas". Nicholas gave a sweet smile." That would be me".She smiled letting him in. She walked over to the staircase. "Joseph! your friend is here". Joesph walked down and groaned. "Hes not my friend!". The older looking lady gave Joesph a look. Joesph groaned "Come on lets go to my room!". Joesph walked up the stairs and into his room with Nicholas. They sat on the bed pulling out their books.Joesph layed back on his bed. "Get started on our project and u better put my name on it!"Days went by and Joesph and Nicholas has grown to like each other.Nicholas had come over that night to work on their project.He was taken by surprise that Joesph was helping.Joesph and Nicholas both went to pick up a book but their hands touched and they felt electristy run through their body.They looked up into each others eyes. Gazeing into them Nicholas showed love and passion as did Joesph.Nicholas lost control and leaned in. Joesph did the same.Their lips met and moved perfectly together.Nicholas felt everything in that kiss.Joesph couldnt help but pull him closer.They both soon realised that they were inlove with each and no longer enemys but something more.The love they shared showed the love and passion anyone could have.They became boyfirends after realiseing their strong love for each other.And after years of school they grauted and went off to college together . Nicholas became a music teacher. For he had a love for music and played it so beauitfuly. Joesph became an artiest and painted for childrens hospitals and other good causes. Смотрите - не пожалеете

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